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As a child I have always had a beloved interest in art and creativity. Not long after my autism diagnosis occurred when I was 2 years old. I began to take up a strong interest in sketching and drawing. This is a hobby that would last all through my childhood years. Art and Creativity have always been a way of release from life’s stresses. My interests consisted of drawing anything of mechanical or architectural because I loved drawing pictures with lots of detail. For example I enjoyed drawing buildings, maps or aircraft. I took art all through my high school years and did participate in many art competitions.

As a photographer I really feel reconnected my old artistic/creative self again for the first time since that day I discovered my love for drawing and sketching in my childhood years. I have really taken an interest in doing scenery/nature, architectural and historical photography. One photographer that has really been a great influence and inspiration to be a photographer is Ansel Adams. He is the reason why I picked up a camera. I really love to look at his landscape photos a lot to study the methods and technology he used in his work. I actually have a couple of his pictures that I proudly display in my house. I have recently been enjoying creating Black/White photographs especially when I’m doing a photo shoot that involves history. Black/White can really add great drama and really emphasize on the historical aspect of the subject.

It is a huge thrill when I capture that one photo out of hundred photos I may have took which I like to call it “The Money Shot”. It’s even more thrilling when I get to physically see the picture get developed and framed at the camera shop. There have been times where I got emotional when I get to see and handle a picture that I made for the first time. Recently I have been entering my photos to sale at art shows and fundraiser events. I do sale and contribute a lot of my photography work at various fundraiser events and art shows where ever the opportunity presents itself. This has been a great way to network and show off my work. I do not intend for my work to be used in a commercial or advertisement environment. I want to provide photography with the intent of artistry and creativity for home/office décor. People often buy photos on emotion. A lot of my photography work is emotional and inspirational driven.

As a person who is also visually impaired I am often asked about how I can see what I want to photograph when I’m out on a photo shoot. I often explain that once I look through my camera lens I can see better through that lens then with the naked eye. I do use several different camera lenses for various photo shooting projects. My friends love to say for someone who has limited vision he can still take a great photograph! I have to remind them sometimes that for someone like “Ray Charles” and “Stevie Wonder” who are totally blind but yet they both can play a piano very beautifully. Photography can be like making music with the eyes. I will always credit my photography skills and talents to my childhood when I first discovered my love for art and creativity.

For more information, email me at jerimiegoike@gmail.com

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